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A physical therapist says these four movements can “unlock hidden potential” for runners

Runners know they should stretch regularly, but most decide to spend more time running instead—I know that’s what I do. While I love my weekly yoga class and feel amazing after it, I don’t regularly do any run-specific stretches. The repetitive motion of running can lead to tightness and stiffness in the front of the hips, as well as the back and shoulders, so it’s a good idea to release that build-up of tension so you’re able to move more freely.

This YouTube video by Dr Chloe Costigan at Mobility Doc has four excellent stretches for runners that will help improve mobility in your hip flexors and the front of your hips and thoracic spine (your mid back). “Remember, running is a full-body activity that requires mobility from head to toe,” Costigan writes on her blog. “Don’t neglect areas like the upper back, shoulders and hips. This is an opportunity for you to work on your flexibility and muscle activation.”

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