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Inspiring Yoga Events You Need To Know

Yoga festivals are becoming more and more popular. If you have the means, you could find a festival for every week of the year.

Listed below are 5 of the top yoga festivals to go to in the US and Canada.

1. Vision Bhakti Fest

This festival is founded on yoga, Kirtan and meditation. There is acknowledgement of the wisdom handed down combined with new ideas that have entered the human collective. Artists, presenters and vendors are carefully selected for their mutual respect of the Bhakti way of living. This festival promotes giving to others and caring for the environment. Where possible, the organizers try to find green solutions to reduce any negative impact their festivals may have on the environment.

Bhakti has two festival locations Midwest and West US. When attending one of these festivals you can look forward to non-stop Kirtan music yoga classes, meditations and prayer teachings. Inspirational workshops include Fire Ceremonies (Pujas). Vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan foods can be purchased at the food market. For an all round spiritual experience you can have massages, energy work done, readings and much more done. Bhakti promises that you will have a “Spiritual Woodstock” experience.

2. Wanderlust Festivals

Wanderlust festivals are held in so many different locations in the US and Canada that you could schedule a yoga travel vacation from their one yoga festival to the next. The locations include Oahu, Vermont, Colorado and California in the US; and Whistler and Tremblant in Canada; and even in Chile, South America.

These festivals last for 4 days and the venues are sought for their untouched picturesque environments. Besides yoga, attendees can look forward to enchanting music shows. Ingredients for meals are freshly picked and, with the meal, good wines can be savored. Onsite entertainment for children allows the adult attendees to truly relax while in yoga class.

3. Telluride Festival

The Telluride Festival came about when Aubrey Hackmand and Yoga Instructor Jivamukti felt they could do more after being inspired by a training session with their teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life. They wanted to further promote caring for the ecosystem and vegetarianism. Aubrey being a fervent supporter of animal rights and eco care wanted an event that promotes karma yoga. The first Telluride Festival was in 2008. After each festival twenty five percent of the turnover is given to charitable organizations that are focused on looking after nature.

During a Telluride Festival, yoga workshops aid with resolving physical issues such as back ailments. The teachings embrace lifestyle change in order that surgery and severe medication can hopefully be avoided or even eliminated.

4. Tadasana Festival

The organizers of this festival aim to promote the growth of consciousness using yoga and meditation with the hope that people find their personal power.

Tadasana has the following core statements, “Yoga supports your ability to be awesome. Music makes the impossible possible. Community makes everything worthwhile.” Tadasana is fortunate to have yoga teachers and musicians from all over the world and most yoga classes are accompanied by live music performances or DJ’s.

5. The Nantucket Yoga Festival

The inspiring beauty of the island of Nantucket ignites a desire to better care for your environment. The distinctiveness of this island nurtures the spirit independence.

This yoga festival embraces the spirit of cooperation within the community bringing together the finest yoga instructors, wellness experts and guides from all over the world.

Yoga festivals are celebrated all over the world. If you want to feed your spirit and improve your health why not embark on a yoga travel journey. Embrace the world while attending yoga festivals.

Matt C. Elmore is the founder of non-profit Prana to the People, a certified Yoga Instructor, and website developer.

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