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Michelle Pfeiffer in Tight Yoga Pants is “Warming up for my Workout”

Michelle Pfeiffer is ready to exercise – in her yoga pants. In a new social media post the 65-year-old actress shows off her amazing body in workout clothes prepping for a sweat session. “Me-warming up for my workout 🏋️😩It’s a must, but who hates working out as much as I do?!?” she captioned the photo. “Me,” responded Lisa Rinna. “❤️ love❤️” added Tatum O’Neal. How does the star approach health and wellness? Celebwell has the details on her diet and fitness habits. 

“I love the vegan diet because I love carbs,” Michelle told Urbanette. “Eating this kind of food is much healthier, and you avoid a lot of toxins that could age your skin and body. I noticed a difference in my skin not long after I became a vegan.” However, more recently she told The Sunday Times Style supplement, that vegan was just a “phase,”adding that she is now “paleoish”


“My favourite food in the world is Mexican food,” Michelle dished to Good Housekeeping. “I’m not a dessert person. I’m more of a crunchy, salty girl. I could live on chips and salsa. I would take a Mexican meal over some fancy French cuisine anytime.”

Michelle is a straight shooter when it comes to what it takes to stay in shape. “You have to eat right,” she told The Express. “You have to exercise. You have to get sleep. We’re always looking for that magic bullet and they don’t exist.”

As for exercise, Pfeiffer mixes up her workouts. She told The Sunday Times Style that she dabbles in “a bit of yoga [and] a bit of Pilates” and also walks, runs and bikes.

Michelle is totally okay with aging. “I certainly see that I’ve changed,” she told People. “I just try not to dwell on it. Aging happens to every single one of us. Once you accept that it unburdens you.” She added to Oprah Daily: “The older I’ve gotten, the easier it’s become. You reach a threshold where you’re fine with looking good for your age instead of looking young for your age, and I’ve crossed it. Would I like to look the way I did in my early 30s? You bet, but that’s not going to happen, and I don’t feel the same pressure I once did to do so. It’s quite a relief, honestly.

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