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5 yoga poses for clearing blocked sinuses in winter

Sinusitis, often seen in monsoon and winter, involves inflammation of sinus cavities due to factors like allergies, infections, nasal polyps, or sinus lining swelling. Symptoms include nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, pain around eyes, cheeks, nose, or forehead, along with cough, headache, fever, and sore throat.
According to Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, Founder of Akshar Yoga Kendraa, “To ease sinusitis, alongside medications, yoga proves beneficial. It stimulates white blood cell production, improves circulation, and releases endorphins. Specific yoga poses target sinusitis by opening air passages in the nose, stretching lungs, and enhancing oxygen intake. Yoga also boosts adrenaline production, helping contract blood vessels to reduce inflammation. Additional preventive measures involve immunization, avoiding smoking, and frequent handwashing.”
Try these yoga poses to clear those sinuses:

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