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Overcome overthinking with this easy yoga mudra | Fitness News

Overthinking is a common struggle that many people face, and breaking free from this habit can be a daunting challenge. The constant rumination about past decisions, imagining worst-case scenarios, and second-guessing every choice can leave you mentally drained. Research has even shown that overthinking is closely associated with feelings of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

If you find yourself caught in the cycle of overthinking, you’re not alone in this battle. While there are psychological interventions that can help alleviate overthinking, there are also mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques that can provide relief.

Yoga and holistic wellness expert Anshuka Parwani recently took to Instagram to share a powerful yoga practice that can be a valuable tool in combating overthinking.

She introduced ‘Adi Mudra,’ a yoga hand gesture renowned for its ability to relax the nervous system, calm the mind, and promote emotional well-being. Anshuka emphasised that this mudra is among the simplest yet profoundly effective ones, with a primary focus on regulating the breath, making it a perfect complement to meditation.

One of the remarkable benefits of practicing Adi Mudra is its capacity to reduce stress hormones within the body while maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. This mudra serves as a catalyst for harmonising the body and mind, facilitating the release of suppressed emotions, and fostering mental liberation.

To practice Adi Mudra, simply touch your thumb to the base of your little finger and create a gentle fist. Place your hands on your knees and take deep, deliberate breaths. Anshuka recommends starting with sessions lasting 3-5 minutes and gradually extending them up to 30 minutes daily.

For optimal results, practice Adi Mudra in a peaceful and comfortable environment, ideally during your meditative yoga sessions. It offers a path to quieting the mind and finding inner serenity amidst the chaos of overthinking.

Concurring, Anchal Rout, yoga and reiki healing expert said that Adi Mudra helps to lower stress by soothing the nervous system, enhances mental clarity and attention, creates a sense of mental and physical steadiness, and helps to balance the body’s energy, thereby enhancing overall well-being.

“Adi Mudra can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age or level of fitness. It is advised for individuals who are disorganised, worried, or overwhelmed as well as for those individuals who want to develop a stronger connection with the present moment,” she told

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Rout advised to not to practice this mudra for a longer duration during the initial days. “Begin with a few minutes and gradually increase the duration. If you feel any kind of pain, discomfort, or cramping while holding the mudra, immediately release yourself from that position to normal,” she added.

However, she noted that individuals with serious joint or hand fractures should avoid or modify the mudra. “Before starting to practice this mudra, it is advised to speak with your doctor or a licensed yoga instructor as per your medical condition. Always keep in mind that Adi Mudra is best to reduce overthinking and promote mental wellness. But it is not advised if you are going through serious mental issues as in such cases it’s better to consult psychiatric support,” Rout concluded.

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