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Fitness Goals: Yoga asanas to start your day

Start your yoga practice in the mornings. Early yoga can get your whole body moving and make you pretty active. Make sure to finish with Savasana and add a few minutes of pranayama or meditation to your program (Corpse Pose). The Kapal (skull) asanas in yoga are said to stimulate the brain. We advise the following asanas that direct blood flow to the head for this reason.

Before eating breakfast, get on your yoga mat and practice some simple breathing techniques before beginning asanas. The following asanas suggested by Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, Founder, Akshar Yoga Institutions, Himalaya Yoga Ashrama, and World Yoga Organisation, can be practiced with up to three sets of repetitions held for 30 seconds each.

Sukshma Vyayam – Warm up

The Siddha Walk Technique

The Siddha walk is performed by moving from south to north while tracing figure eight. Walking in the shape of an 8 along this path from south to north will take 21 minutes. Once you have completed the required number of laps, you must turn around and walk for an additional 21 minutes from north to south.

Malasana (Waste Evacuation Pose)

Formation of the posture

From a standing position with your arms at your sides, bend your knees to bring your pelvis over the heels. Make certain that the ground is under your feet. Put your hands together in a prayer stance in front of your chest or down by your feet.


Formation of the posture

Begin in Samasthithi, exhale and gently fold your upper body down from the hips and touch your nose to your knees.

Santolanasana – Plank Pose

Formation of the posture

Place your palms under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Straighten the knees with your arms kept straight.

Chakrasana -Wheel Pose

Formation of the posture

Lie on your back and place your palms on the floor on either side beside your head. Inhale

Bhujangasana -Cobra Pose

Formation of the posture

Lie on your stomach flat. Place your elbows close to your sides and spread your palms under your shoulders. • Take a deep breath in as you slowly lift your navel up off the floor. Spread your shoulder blades out and tighten them to push your chest forward.

Benefits of Yoga:

·       Expands the lungs to allow for increased oxygen intake, which is advantageous, especially for those who have asthma.

·       Helps the body feel less stressed and tense and contributes to better eyesight.

·       The posture improves the spine’s flexibility and strength.

·       Body flexibility is greatly increased through padahastasana.

·       The muscles in the legs and back are stretched.

·        It aids in reducing extra belly fat.

·       Constipation is lessened and digestion is improved. It cures a lot of stomach problems.

·       It strengthens the nerves and makes the spine flexible.

You have the option of ending your practice in Shavasana or Anandasana or with some simple type of breath meditation. Other benefits of an early morning yoga practice are that your metabolism is boosted, and your digestive system is activated to assist nutrients moving through your body more easily. The greatest time to exercise for weight loss is in the morning because this is when carbs and fats are metabolised most quickly.

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