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Paw-some fun at Puppy Yoga in Peterborough as puppies provide ‘non-stop laughter’ for dog lovers

Puppies weaved between downward dog yoga poses at the most recent Puppy Yoga in Peterborough.

The Peterborough Telegraph’s photographer has captured the adorable moments of a new Puppy Yoga class in the city.

“It allows people to switch off from the outside world,” Jignesh Panchal, who founded Peterborough Puppy Yoga with his wife Nidhi, said.

The classes, which combine yoga and animal therapy, last between 35 to 40-minutes and are the only Puppy Yoga classes available in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

“It was my wife’s brainchild but it’s a joint venture,” Jignesh said. “The principles behind it are wellbeing and exercise, as well as benefiting the welfare of the animals.”

The puppies provided at the sessions are aged eight weeks old and are all provided by licensed breeders or loving homes

The puppies are said to develop in the setting through human interaction – making them more friendly and confident.

“The puppies make it engaging,” Jignesh added. “It’s non-stop laughter – increasing dopamine and decreasing cortisol, which lowers stress and anxiety and increases happiness.

“Even people who are scared of dogs come along and that fear soon goes away.”

The next Puppy Yoga classes are scheduled to run on December 10.

Tickets are currently available to book online via Eventbrite, however the Peterborough Puppy Yoga website is due to launch soon.

The Peterborough Telegraph has put together a collection of the best pictures from the most recent Puppy Yoga session, held at Ultimate Performance Lifestyle, on December 3:

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