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National Yoga Month: Benefits of yoga workouts

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – September is National Yoga Month.

TV20′s Lisa Sacaccio tells us about the benefits of the work out.

Melissa Baker is here with the many ways yoga can get your mind, body, and soul right. Welcome to the studio Melissa.

Thanks and it is great to be here.

And we always see you with all the segments with GHF and yoga is your bread and butter. So what is some history what are some fun facts about yoga.

Yeah so some people think of yoga as this thing that kind of has came into the United States. And there’s a history behind it.

In the 60′s things became a little bit more in the hippie days yoga was a bit more popular and then from there it kind of originated thousands an thousands of years before that, in India originally. So its along ancient science and it just recently in the past 50 and 60 years and 70 years become more popular in the United States.

Alright with that being said, clearly very popular over the years so who can benefit from yoga, what is the science behind that?

Yea there are so many benefits and the thing I like to say just starting out with a personal story. Something that why it is meaningful and why its beneficial to my life is that I have two titanium rods in ‚y back from a scoliosis surgery that I had back in 2010 and so with that’s kind of how I got into more of the physical aspects of health and how its been helping me in that way of my life. I played tennis, I did body building, I was very active and then I realized okay there is so much more to health and my overall well being and that’s how I kind of got into yoga and I dedicate yoga as my therapy. It is like my physical therapy and the more I do it the less pain I am in and the better I feel. And the benefits can span from creating community, and more of a spiritual essence if that is what someone is looking for. And it’s know to decrease anxiety and depression and increase cortisol levels and we are all kind of stressed in this digital age and it can help with so many different things and anyone can really benefit from it.

About to say with just everything that you said that is so inspirational and you clearly are an example that anyone can benefit because you have metal rods in your back.

Okay so let’s talk about some of the different classes that people can take part in because there is a bunch.

Yeah sits funny because I get this common things when people come to my classes for the first time of “I am not flexible enough, I can’t stretch in the way that I see people doing it online, and I took this one class and it just wasn’t for me” and one of the things that I like to say to those people is just experience your class and go at your pace and do what works for you. Everyone has a different part of their life that they are in and physical abilities so its really about that persona and when they are at/ and at GHF we have a bunch of different classes that are from chair yoga, aqua yoga for someone that is just in that beginner stage or they can go into something like power yoga‚ or things outside where obviously they are going to get sweaty and get a bit more of a workout. So there’s something for the beginners all the way to the advanced and all the in between where people can try a bunch of different teachers and wind what works for them.

And I do want to mention that the video we are showing are from unplugged yoga, which is pretty new to GHF. And if people are just getting into it or they love yoga you have a retreat coming up so tell people what they need to know.

Yes we have a retreat called Renew and this is the 3rd year we are doing it. And this is kind of exactly of what it means. It is this aspect of renewing and regenerating, and I just recently wrote a book about this very topic of unplugging and disconnecting from life and bringing ourselves into this ability of creating a community and be more present in our life, and be more aware of what we are doing and how we are feeling, and the people that we are surrounding ourselves by. So this retreat is really creating this ability to have community and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Melissa thank you so much for coming to tell us your story and sharing all the information about yoga.

Yes, thank you.

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