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Fitness Friday – Putting our yoga skills to the test

Robbie Raugh, RN, nutritionist and fitness and wellness expert shows us yoga poses and how you can modify them if you are new to yoga or not as flexible. Robbie says, “After what we have gone through the last two years, a lot of people have stress, anxiety, so yoga is something that will help people to relax, it helps with your flexibility, strength and balance to name a few and of course, what’s better than on a beautiful day in Buffalo to be outside moving your body.

Can you get a workout with flexibility and relaxation? Robbie says, “100%. As I said, you know flexibility, strength and balance, we’re definitely burning calories any time we move our body. You want to increase the range of motion around your joints otherwise you’ll get injured just picking up a pencil off the floor so we need to keep our muscles and our joints flexible.”

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