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A Writer’s Review of Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Leggings

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I have very little in common with Jennifer Lopez other than having lived in New York City and gotten back together with questionable exes. That is as close to her glamor as I’ve ever reached. But in the last few months, there’s one more thing I can say we share: I have been living in a pair of leggings that J.Lo definitely approves of

I famously have not worn pants in 14 years except, yes, to work out. Even then, I wear them for as little time as possible, which is why my affinity for and inability to stop wearing Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye Leggings is so shocking.

The workout-wear brand sent me the Spacedye High-Waisted Midi Leggings in black charcoal over four months ago. They sat on my dresser while I spent weeks gathering the will to wake up and head to a Pilates class in the cold, dark winter mornings before work. Finally, one groggy morning in December, I woke up, groaned, got dressed, and left for my workout wearing my new leggings, and thus began a budding romance. 

These are incredibly comfortable leggings through and through. I have not consciously had to adjust the bottoms during my workouts — no pulling up of the waistband or stretching the fabric on my thighs. They also seem unperturbed by the obscene amounts of sweat my body expels. Most surprisingly, when I get home from my workout, I don’t rip the Spacedye leggings off as fast as humanly possible. They are so comfortable and soft that I forget I’m wearing them, hours later I’ll realize I haven’t changed. 

There are a few variations of the Spacedye leggings, but I have specifically taken to the high-waisted midi pair — they are so soft, they smooth out and conceal bumps and cellulite, and the v-shaped waistband is incredibly flattering for my XL curvy shape. According to a representative of the brand, Spacedye reigns supreme in popularity with celebrities like J.Lo, Kendall Jenner, Jenna Dewan, Lucy Hale, and many more. These celebs specifically opt for the Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging, which has a straight-across waistband. 

The comfort of the Spacedye leggings has lulled me into such a state of bliss that I now wear them for non-workout purposes — to go grocery shopping, to go to the library, to sit in the park, to go to the coffee shop. For the first time in 14 years, I am wearing pants outside of a workout. Join the Spacedye leggings fanbase at Beyond Yoga and on Amazon. 

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